Thursday, February 07, 2008


Who is Wilson Chandler?

At my day-job with SLAM, I've been working on building video content for our website with our in-house director, Matt Sheridan. I've been trying to produce videos that may be a little off-beat and/or helpful to players. For our first video, we kept it simple and drove up to Westchester to hang with Knicks rookie Wilson Chandler for the day. Chandler was real cool about kicking it with us, we passed by the courts of my old college and went with him to get his dome clipped. Hopefully, he'll make it off the bench a little more in the second half of the season.

As a Knick fan and producer of the video, I know who Chandler (left) is from seeing him play in the seven games he has appeared in. However, The identity of the other guy in the photo above remains a mystery.


SLAM #116:
Lebron Trio

Newest issue of SLAM features a dope story on Isiah "JR" Rider. Also a dope Baron Davis poster, cool story on Chris Paul and an awesome SLAM Classsic section dedicated to Converse and it's gigantic impact on the history of hoops.



Last week, while making the rounds through this busy city I came across a pair of k1x cheifgliders. I can't say where I got them, but I can say I've wanted a pair of these things for years. Here is a quick look at these cult classic kicks. Peep the old-school "Naismith-era" basketball on the side. chiefgliders, Rucker Edition. As my sources say, they are very hard to come by in the U.S. and are unlawful to ship into the country.

These kicks date back to when Zach Marbury, Steph's little brother, was one of the German brand's first endorsers. Since then, Ron Artest and rapper Joel Ortiz has rocked k1x and more recently street ball king Corey "Homicide" Williams.

Random Hoops Photo


After a long hiatus, I'm hoping to resurrect It's a passion project I have surely missed. Writing about random happenings in hoops is something very dear to me. I want to try and document the games I go to, practices and tryouts I visit, and sneakers and roundballs I encounter. While I already blog, and write features for SLAM ONLINE, Hoops Archive is a place I'd like to store random basketball related things that might night exactly fit into the context of a story. You'll find stories about small time hoops, links to other stories, pictures of sneakers and courts I've seen. If you're really into hoops, this may be a cool place to keep coming to.

For instance, this photo is over a recent tryout of the National Professional Basketball League. Pictures (in the black tank top) is Ben Rupel, my college buddy. In this picture, Benny rocks a jersey fron k1x and some Shirts & Skins shorts he got from me. Benny, who does a lot of promo work for us at SLAM, is attempting to make a semi-pro club called the "Westchester Monarchs."

I wish him luck.