Monday, April 09, 2007

Turkish Hoops Magazine:
Corona, Queens / Where Half of my crew be @

Wanted to throw this joint on the site. This is some Turkish hoops magazine, Henry "Antoine" Dobie, who played at Msrg.McClancy in East Elmhurst, Queens, later at LIU-Brooklyn and now with the Brooklyn Kings when in the states. Dobie and I are tight and we go back and forth on myspace sometimes. Be on the lookout for Dobie all summer in NYC.


This one is for all the wack basketball website ya'll are, painfully, obviously going to instead of this site.

Pee Wee Kirkland:
Pimp Game

I boughted "Hooked," the documentary about Hook Mitchell from the West Coast and was wanting to introduce Pee Wee Kirkland to the site. Doing a quick look around YouTube. This nice segment about Pee Wee does the trick


They Robbed Him in Vegas

Who says Eddie Curry isn't an All-Star? ...And now to return to the phrase that we love so dearly here in New York "There is always next year."