Tuesday, April 10, 2007

21 minutes, 4 points, 2 technical fouls

Last night with the Knicks ahead only 3 points and behind 5 players, Steve Francis caught himself a double technical foul and essentially took the Knicks down and out of the game. It's sad because Francis never popped-off in the league like he was supposed to. A few good seasons were followed by a few not so good seasons and now a irregular role with the Knicks, where he averages just 10 points. He had a cold and deadly game that could hurt you early and break you down the entire game. Braving an injury by taking the court, his 4 points and tough play was over shadowed by late game stupidity. Francis' Double-T proved cold and deadly for a deleted Knicks squad, who are all but totally erased from the playoff forecast.

NO Turnovers!

Last night, playing a whole lots of minutes for the Detroit Pistons against the Knicks at Madison Square Gadren, Chauncey Billups did not turn the ball over once! Coaching kids, you see the little guys all trying to be Steve Nash and since the Starbury craze, Steph, but the names John Stockton and Kevin Johnson have been lost in the history books. Instilling a healthy turnover rules in a young point guard should be put in an as serious as a context as not talking to strangers, "Just Say(ing) no and always using protection. While I commend Mardy Collins for his excellent play for the Knicks in the last 5 games, there is little margin for error, he must be just a bit more careful with the ball. It's early to see where the Knicks will go this summer, but it looks like Collins will earn himself a pention. Games are won and lost by deciding factors and turnovers are the most common of said factors.