Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blame Him Too

I know I should be talking about the playoffs but just so you know, with all that's wrong in the world, it's ok to give hip-hop a break. Sure, rappers appear to promote all kinds of negativity with their music, but what about when well paid athletes revert to acting like street-thugs. I mean, I hate to point Telfair out, but it's about time. He's been given everything. He was on the covers of SLAM and Sports Illustrated way before he was drafted into the NBA. He's a relative of Stephon Marbury and was given the best the basketball world had to offer before he was a pro. However, the Boston Celtics reserve point guard was arrested in New York for having a gun in his car. This, if I am correct, is the second time since coming into the league that Sebastion has caught a gun charge. He was also allegedly involved in an altercation with fellow-Brooklynite and rapper Fabolous. Some reports about the weekends arrest, which may not be accurate, say Telfair's car smelled like weed, making it seem as if Telfair was celebrating 420 (April 20= Stoner's New Years). I just want to step out and say that NBA guys should stick to basketball and stay out of trouble.

Message to NBA players: You're not so hood, street or gangster. The fact that you made it as far as the NBA proves that someone guided you, someone saw something in you and wanted you to make the right decisions. Furthermore, it shows you made smart choices. Why does a kid who has been a millionaire since he was 18-years-old need to have a gun at all? Hire body guards, travel in numbers - don't hold gats!

If you've read my previous posts and article on ProBasketballNews.com, you'll learn that there is an entire lost generation of would-have been superstars that fucked-up their chances at the NBA. As a New Yorker, I pray Telfair will have what it takes to stay in the NBA 10-years.

Hey Sebastion: Read the short sports blurbs in the Post, Daily News or Boston Globe, guys fall out of the NBA everyday. Try not to lose your spot. I'm not trying to wrongfully blame the NBA or hip-hop for that matter for the V-Tech shootings or anything. I don't really see the relationship there. But I do know that there are enough bad influences in the world for kids, NBA players don't need to add to those poor influences.