Friday, February 08, 2008


Shaq O'Neal is on the move once again, out west (again), to prove his legs aren't as rusty as they have appeared throughout this season (also, again). It's unclear how he will fit into the Suns run and gun mentality. Someone told me they imagine he will be three plays behind the rest of his team on every play.

Starting with his role in the Nick Nolte-classic Blue Chips, Shaq became an instant celebrity and grew into one of the most dominant players ever to come into the NBA. Certainly the most dominant big man. His foot work was long underrated and, although he couldn't sink a free throw to save his life, how the hell can you argue with the four championships rings he earned?
I don't know if Shaq makes the SUNS a championship squad, or even a better team at all. The Heat certainly got the youth out of the deal. It leaves the question of if O'Neal doesn't get win a title this year, will he ever win another one?

Since it's, kinda, political season, O'Neal is starting to remind me of our of our ex-presidents. Much like former country czar, Bill Clinton, O'Neal is pressing his luck by claiming to want four more championshp rings to create an even six. He's won his titles, earned his respect, and probably should have ended his career when the Heat took home the title two years ago. He was on top of the world; he'd won a world championship with the Heat, practically by himself.

Now Shaq faces the challenge of continuing to play in the later years and, so he says, still trying to win championships? Doesn't Shaq realize he doesn't need to prove anything?

Legend in Two Games

Dual Citizen:
Too Real for The League

Pee Wee Kirkland turned down a whole bunch of money from the Lakers to stay in New York and hustle that shit. Today, he's turned his life around and gives clinics around the city. Although he'll live in infamy as a street icon of the back blocks, Kirkland's legacy as a blacktop legend has brought out the best in who he is.

I found this link to a new article about Pee Wee on ESPN.COM's Page 2