Monday, November 13, 2006

"X Was It - Stomped by the Bulls, Imortalized by Crowe"
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At one time, Xavier McDaniel was one of the NBA's most popular and explosive players. He had a bit apperance in the Cameron Crowe film "Singles" and had his face on t-shirts. A 6'7 small-forward from Wichita State, McDaniel was named to the NBA ALL ROOKIE Team, as well as the Co-Rookie of The Year (along w/Patrick Ewing) by Basketball Digest, as a member of the Seattle Supersonices in 1985-86. He was an All Star and regularly averaged double figures, his best season being 1987 when he averaged 23 points and 8 boards over 82 games Eventually, the Sonics ushered in a new era by drafting and building around both Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. McDaniel was traded to The Suns in 1991.

McDaniels signed as a free agent to the Knicks in '92. Before a contract dispute would end his career in New York, "X-Man" averaged 13-plus and 5-plus rebounds and intimidated the shit out of Scottie Pippen in the eastern conference playoffs. However, as history goes, Pat Riley's Knicks would lose to the Bulls in seven games. This, effectivly, marked the begining of the end for McDaniels career.
He spent three seasons with the Celtics and them pursued a pro career in Europe. After a pair of lackluster seasons with the New Jersey Nets, X-Man hung'em up for good in 1998.